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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 12:54pm on 01/04/2013
Hi. I'm not dead. My anemia is really bad again. (My iron saturation is below 3%.) So I am seeing specialists and having a dozen unpleasant diagnostic tests. So. There's that. Walking up stairs makes me come close to passing out. I see a new hematologist tomorrow. (My old one retired.) I expect they'll give me IV iron again. Meanwhile gastro is scoping and testing everything again. They need to rule out like 11 possible conditions.

Allergies are starting up too. But that's not a big deal. I think the eczema is getting better, but it's still hanging about in places.

We just had a funeral for David's grandfather and it looks like there might be one in my family soon too. I'm not very close to this relative, but it is terribly sad.

In good news David is doing really well with his project in Texas. He left again this morning. The travel--well, it's not my favorite. But I am very proud of him. I had a hard weekend and he was a rock. I was sad about Easter yesterday because Easter was always a big deal in my house. My father still sends Easter rabbits. But I had a big old case of I-miss-mom yesterday. David didn't grow up with the same traditions, but last night he hid candy around the house so I could find it, which made me giggle a lot. I made Thomas Keller's amazingly delicious and easy carrot soup I haven't cooked in ages.

I'm on target to finish the second editing pass of novel. Then I'll need to reread it carefully and tweak. I'm not sure when it will be ready to send back, but hopefully soon.

I see espadrilles are coming back. But seriously? I'm not going to pay $140 for a pair.

Lizzie Bennet Diaries has ended. So if you were waiting for the series to be complete? You can watch now. There is a list at the website that lists a lot of the transmedia elements in order between the videos. The transmedia for this series was amazing.

The show overall wasn't perfect. They did some things so well that I'm willing to forgive most of the missteps. There are one or two things they chose to do that I will never be on board with, but overall I loved it so much. I think they stumbled when they tried to stick too close to the original text and not take bigger chances in the modernization. Because this is a transformative work and not an adaptation. It's a modern AU.

The same production company is releasing a mini-series of Sanditon starting in May, based on Austen's unfinished novel. They'll roll out another major series in August. We don't know what it is yet. But these shows are all occurring in the LBD universe.

Today is our first Monday without a new show, because it's over. I'm sad about that. Watching this unfold with fandom was a lot of fun. Some of the fandom turned out to be batshit, but also easy to avoid. Never read the youtube comments. OMG.
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