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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 05:07pm on 05/02/2013
So I was crampy on Monday and I looked at the calendar and was all still too early for period. Must be random PMS cramps, etc. Then I was a weepy mess yesterday. And guess what happened last night? *sigh* But I didn't seem to have the incredible mood crash of doom I've had the last few PMS cycles--just some weepy sadness. IDEK, but I'll take it.

I do not feel queasy today!!! \o/ For the first time since Dec. 28 I do not feel queasy. It's amazing how much better life is if you don't feel like your stomach is trying to exit your body through your face at all times.

I had a shower. Eczema is still so-so. Better in some spots. Not so great in others. Oiling my scalp seems to help a bit, but it's still very problematic up there.

So I am actually leaving the house. I am going to meet [personal profile] kal and I might even have like a glass of wine and some actual food.

The sample of ambien extended release worked really well. I slept for like 9 hours solid. AMAZING.

Thank you all for being so kind and supportive when I feel like a little dark cloud following you all around. *SUNSHINES ON YOU ALL FOR A CHANGE*
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 05:22pm on 02/02/2013 under

Title: Just a Girl
Recipient: such heights
Vidder: imaginarycircus
Fandom: Discworld (Live action)
Music: Just a Girl by No Doubt
Summary: Susan Sto-Helit is a governess, an aristocrat, the granddaughter of Death, can walk through walls and sees things she shouldn't, but really she's just a girl.
Content notes: No standardized notes apply
Unsigned length: 02:26

Festivids reveals are up and I can now share my vid. This year I matched on the live action adaptations of Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

I was so sick all fall that I left my vid until the last minute. I cut it together in two days and just hoped for the best. I think it came out more or less OK and I got lovely comments.
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 07:08pm on 26/01/2013
Are you seeing this shit go down on Twitter?
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 02:54pm on 24/01/2013
Looking for recommendations for David (and probably eventually also for me). Needs to have WiFi.
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 01:52pm on 23/01/2013
With windchill it's -1 here. I haven't been outside in a few days and I've been alone for two. I don't think this is terribly healthy, but I really don't want to go outside. I wouldn't be able to go far in this weather or feeling the way I do anyway. And since I can barely drink coffee and the coffee shop is too cold in this weather--no, thanks. The plate glass at the front of the shop just leeches in the cold.

Still queasy off and on. Not able to eat very much and still dropping weight very fast. Bleh. My mood is not great. I've rolled myself up tight in the LBD fandom and fic and also P&P fics I haven't read and that is my happy place right now.

I finally started to catch up on Doctor Who. I hadn't seen most of last season. I just watched Let's Kill Hitler. I was partially spoiled so I knew what was coming, but still. They put Hitler in a cupboard. IN A CUPBOARD.

Teeny bright spot. Someone who had a partial ms, requested the full. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I needed some good news. I am not counting my chickens, though it's hard not to hope a little bit.

I miss David, but I am getting used to it. I'm going down in February to hang out for a week and we skype every night even if we just sit there and David makes funny faces at me. Wooster cat will not look at the laptop screen if David talks to him. He will actually turn away, which is kind of snooty and hilarious.
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 06:18pm on 20/01/2013
Some wonderful person made me a delightful Princess Bride vid to The Beatles "We Can Work it Out." SQUEAK.

Go forth and love them.

I obviously can't tell you which vid I made, but feel free to guess. Unless you know, in which case, please don't guess.

Masterlist of this years vids.
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 02:32pm on 18/01/2013
I sort of threw together a short tribute to Costume Theater Darcy(s).

Costume Theatre Darcy(s) from Imaginary Circus on Vimeo.

(set to the first minute of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" because is this real life, or is this just fantasy...)
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 12:16am on 17/01/2013
I'm officially 42. That number just sounds too high, but it's mine. This year it's mine. I've always liked being the same age for almost the entire calender year.
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 04:51pm on 15/01/2013
Day 2 w/o David. I'm still slightly queasy (seriously, side effects I am so ready for you to go away.) but it's slowly ebbing away.

I slept last night thanks to ambien and two ativan. Wooster cat decided to sit in the living room and cry last night at one am and I have no idea why. I cuddled him for a while and then he went to sleep on my feet. He's been staying right with me wherever I am in the apartment. "He's my mostly companion." (Eloise)

I actually made myself leave the house today. I'm at the coffee shop. I've made it about half way through a latte, which is more than I've been able to drink since around Christmas. I feel a little anxious and unsure what to do with myself. I need to get back to work, but I want my mood to be a bit more stable first--I think. Also it's hard getting started after a long break. Bleh.

My mood seems to be OK. Not great, but not as bad as it was. Though I got my period this morning and I am starting to notice that four or five days before my mood seems to crash and burn.

I made a dinner reservation for Thursday so that [personal profile] kal and I can celebrate my elderly state.
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Happy Birthday to [personal profile] flourish, [personal profile] ladyofthelog, [profile] chicklea, [personal profile] pinkfinity, and [personal profile] smilie117! (God. Am I forgetting anyone?)

Apparently today is my birthday observed. It's not actually until Thursday, but David will be away until Friday so:



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