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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 12:06am on 06/05/2020
If you're looking for fic? I post most things at AO3 here where I'm also faviconimaginarycircus.
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 12:05pm on 19/04/2013 under
David got the call at 6:30 from the city that we're in lockdown, but he let me sleep so I didn't know until around 11 when I woke up. But he's home. We're fine. We don't live on the route that we imagine is the one they are scouring for explosives. We live off Mass Ave which runs from Arlington through Cambridge passes Harvard and then MIT and goes into Boston. Watertown is easier to get to if you go along the Charles River.

This is weird. The photos of no one out on the streets is eerie, but no one is outside on our street either.
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 06:44pm on 15/04/2013
I was out at the coffee shop (in Cambridge, about 3 miles from Copley Square as the crow flies) when the news broke this afternoon. We're all a bit shaken, but everyone I know seems to be OK and accounted for. There have been many reports of possible bombs around Cambridge this afternoon, but the police have to err on the side of caution right now. They're updating via twitter every time an area is declared safe.

We just went across the street for sushi and it was a ghost town.

Hope everyone is safe. *squish*
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 12:54pm on 01/04/2013
Hi. I'm not dead. My anemia is really bad again. (My iron saturation is below 3%.) So I am seeing specialists and having a dozen unpleasant diagnostic tests. So. There's that. Walking up stairs makes me come close to passing out. I see a new hematologist tomorrow. (My old one retired.) I expect they'll give me IV iron again. Meanwhile gastro is scoping and testing everything again. They need to rule out like 11 possible conditions.

Allergies are starting up too. But that's not a big deal. I think the eczema is getting better, but it's still hanging about in places.

We just had a funeral for David's grandfather and it looks like there might be one in my family soon too. I'm not very close to this relative, but it is terribly sad.

In good news David is doing really well with his project in Texas. He left again this morning. The travel--well, it's not my favorite. But I am very proud of him. I had a hard weekend and he was a rock. I was sad about Easter yesterday because Easter was always a big deal in my house. My father still sends Easter rabbits. But I had a big old case of I-miss-mom yesterday. David didn't grow up with the same traditions, but last night he hid candy around the house so I could find it, which made me giggle a lot. I made Thomas Keller's amazingly delicious and easy carrot soup I haven't cooked in ages.

I'm on target to finish the second editing pass of novel. Then I'll need to reread it carefully and tweak. I'm not sure when it will be ready to send back, but hopefully soon.

I see espadrilles are coming back. But seriously? I'm not going to pay $140 for a pair.

Lizzie Bennet Diaries has ended. So if you were waiting for the series to be complete? You can watch now. There is a list at the website that lists a lot of the transmedia elements in order between the videos. The transmedia for this series was amazing.

The show overall wasn't perfect. They did some things so well that I'm willing to forgive most of the missteps. There are one or two things they chose to do that I will never be on board with, but overall I loved it so much. I think they stumbled when they tried to stick too close to the original text and not take bigger chances in the modernization. Because this is a transformative work and not an adaptation. It's a modern AU.

The same production company is releasing a mini-series of Sanditon starting in May, based on Austen's unfinished novel. They'll roll out another major series in August. We don't know what it is yet. But these shows are all occurring in the LBD universe.

Today is our first Monday without a new show, because it's over. I'm sad about that. Watching this unfold with fandom was a lot of fun. Some of the fandom turned out to be batshit, but also easy to avoid. Never read the youtube comments. OMG.
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 03:31pm on 08/03/2013
I had an ultrasound at the hospital. They saw no kidney stone on the right side where I have been in pain for 20 days. They found one on the left (but still in my kidney.) This is confusing and annoying. Blood tests show that I am once again so anemic that I will need IV iron treatments.

IDK. There is a lot going on. Working theory is once again that I might have Crohn's Disease and they just can't find the bleed site. It would be a small one, but it would explain why I'm so anemic I really shouldn't be able to stand up.


David made it home from Texas, despite the storm, but he seems to be exhausted--not like tired, but actually suffering exhaustion.
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 10:56pm on 18/02/2013
My plane was broken yesterday. They had to reboot THE PLANE twice and it wouldn't work so they made us deplane. And then said, "No plane for you until 6 am tomorrow." On the one hand--more time with David. On the other--getting up at 4am.

Home now. It's bloody cold here. Wooster cat is very screamy and very clingy, but on the whole glad to be home, I think. [personal profile] kal swooped in and rescued us both. We love her.

Kidney stone pain starting to increase. WTH? Just get out already. If I have to go to the ER for pain meds alone in the middle of the night I am going to be really unhappy. I hate the ER, but I really hate going to the ER alone. I've had to do it a couple of times and it's awful.
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OK. I'm like 95% sure I am passing a kidney stone right now. I really, really don't want to go to the ER so I am drinking as much water as I can manage and I popped a whole bunch of ibuprofen. *fingers crossed that this works out*

Man. I really thought I was finished with this shit.
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 11:38am on 13/02/2013
I entered two novel things and I am dead in the water on both. It's depressing. And frustrating because I did so well last year and I swear this draft of my novel is like a 100x better. :/ (I didn't make the cut based on a pitch for one and the second was based solely on the first 250 words.) But ugh.
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I just had to drop Wooster cat off at the kennel. He hates getting in the cat carrier so much. He doesn't actively fight it, but he doesn't cooperate either. His little heart starts pounding. I apologized like a million times. I had the hardest time getting him into it today, but he's at the vets and he's safe. We have painters coming in to fix our water damaged ceilings this week and so I didn't want to leave him here with a pet sitter while that was happening. Who knows if they'd accidentally let him out--plus the fumes and strangers. Just no. In future we'll get a pet sitter because a week is a long time to be at the kennel.

I don't like being home alone without him and without David. It makes the apartment feel all weird and empty.

It's raining today and some of the snow is melting, but most of it is still in giant piles. There are ridiculous deep icy puddles at intersections where the storm drains are blocked. Some of the sidewalks are not completely cleared so you have to walk across icy little bridges of compacted snow. I was so nervous the whole walk to the vet that I would fall and hurt Bertie or that his carrier would break open and he'd like run into traffic. It was fine though. I was very careful.

One nice thing is that people are watching out for other people and encouraging them on the sidewalks. I was ready to grab two different people I almost saw slip. One kid told me I was brave to wade through an eight foot puddle that was about 10 inches deep. Boots are good. It's nice when people are looking out for each other even if they don't know each other.

CVS is out of Adderall again. This happens every third time I go in. It's annoying enough to have to fill a paper script and show an ID every month, but I get why. It's a controlled substance. I just wish they weren't out of it so often. I didn't have the energy to get on the subway at rush hour and go to Harvard Square--so I'll take the Rx with me and hopefully I can fill it in Austin. You can do that right? Fill a paper script in a different state? It seems like I should be able to, but it's not the end of the world if I can't. It's not great though because the adderall does have a bit of an antidepressant affect and my mood is affected if I stop taking it for more than a day or two at a time. *sigh*

Flight early tomorrow. I've been to Texas a couple of times, but never to Austin. I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather and spending Valentine's day with David. Which reminds me I need to make a dinner reservation somewhere. Hopefully it's not too late.
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posted by [personal profile] imaginarycircus at 05:25pm on 07/02/2013

Since there is a giant blizzard headed here tomorrow--David came home today. I'm very happy about that. The cat wandered around crying at nothing and now he is inside a paper shopping bag. I sometimes wonder if weird weather fries his brain.

So, blizzard. I'll be surprised if it's anything like the touted Blizzard of '78. Boston got like 28 inches of snow in 24 hours--and it was THUNDER SNOW. But then I also though Hurricane Sandy was going to be just a lot of hype. I mean it wasn't that bad here, but it sure beat the hell out of other places.

We should probably get some vegetables and other food, because unlike when we wandered around in Sandy to get candles and milk--we're not doing that in blizzard. Sideways rain at 60 degrees in one thing. Heavy snow with 50 mph wind? No.

I'm going to take some ambien later and hopefully sleep for a long time. I'm making myself stay up at this point because I am always trying to get myself to sleep at night.

The LBD is killing me. The fandom is losing their collective shit as we start to hit the last stretch of the story. The fandom was so sweet and charming a few months ago. Now it's like a blood bath. There are super weird factions and bitchy passive/aggressive tagging. It's kind of funny. I mean it doesn't have a thing on HP in its heights of batshit crazy, but then it's like a tiny fraction of the size.


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